About Julie

Always reading.


When other kids asked for bikes and Atari video games for birthdays, she pled for book store  gift certificates. She always knew that she would make a living out of literature, but initially thought that this would  result in a writing career.  The reality  and isolation of the writer’s life soon set in and made her want to crawl the walls.  Later the opportunity presented itself to do what she really wanted to do–lead and participate in  discussions about great books– and she jumped at the chance.  

A leader of readers


Very quickly, Julie established herself as one of the leading book group facilitators in Los Angeles. Her groups are intellectually interesting, dynamic and fun.    

She is known for building relationships with readers and the authors that they love and frequently brings in authors to speak to her groups.

Education and Honors


Julie attended Duke University for undergraduate studies, and Columbia University for graduate school. She has taught English at Beverly Hills High School since 1993 and has been moderating book groups since 1996.   She has been a fellow for the National Endowment for the Humanities as well as a fellow for the US State Department Teacher for Global Classrooms program.